Traffic Management

Why use a specialist management company like RNCE?


Traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control is far more sophisticated than it once was. Codes of Practice and Irish Legislation continue to raise not only awareness but considerations for safe implementation of traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control on work sites.

Richard Nolan CE as a nationally recognised provider of traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control and prides itself on exceeding the Codes and Standards that govern our industry. With “Safely Managing Risk” as our primary objective to our client and as importantly the delivery and management of our service, this is why Richard Nolan CE should be your #1 choice.

Traffic management and traffic planning implemented by traffic controllers previously held the stereotype of workers with little else to do. Not only is this unfounded but dangerously mislead as the actual risk minimisation that Richard Nolan CE provides keeps all road users safe.

Implementing any safe traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control scheme requires qualification and experience. From the initial traffic management planning through to the provision of traffic control, wrong advice or implementation can you leave you significantly exposed. This can be through fines, job shutdowns by authorities and significant penalties should your business find itself in litigation.

Richard Nolan CE can manage your site to minimise your risk.

Richard Nolan CE protecting YOUR employees.

Richard Nolan CE’s purpose is to protect your employees and equipment so the only thing on your mind is your job. The last thing your business needs to worry about is the traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control. Traffic controllers continually assess the site conditions to ensure the site remains safe at all times.

Ask yourself: Are your workers in a safe environment? How are they affected by traffic? Are employees concerned about their own safety? Do your employees wear reflective clothing and safety vests?

A workforce that feels safe is a more productive workforce. Engaging Richard Nolan CE for all your traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control needs will not only produce a safe environment, it will also make your business more efficient and reduce your costs

Richard Nolan CE protecting the Public.

Do pedestrians have a safe, unrestricted path around your worksite? Is the road or footpath left in a trafficable condition when your employees have finished work? Is the traffic condition message clear?

Giving road users and pedestrians clear, legible, well signed work zones is crucial in minimising risk and potential injury. Utilising Richard Nolan CE will ensure the correct and code compliant signage is used to advise, define and direct all traffic through or around a work site. It is essential that all equipment conveys a clear message which is easily understood.

Investing in Richard Nolan CE

Traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control is more than putting up a few signs and placing a couple of traffic cones here and there, it’s safely managing risk and reducing liability.

Richard Nolan CE’s vehicles are equipped with code compliant warning flashing lights and used at all times. Vehicles without the necessary equipment are potentially increasing risk to your business.

RNCE’ traffic controllers have the proper equipment and attire for all site conditions – day, night, wet weather etc. Richard Nolan CE controllers are fully accredited providing experienced and professional traffic controllers for each job. Do not underestimate experience, Richard Nolan CE doesn’t.

Richard Nolan CE uses retro reflective class 2 signs, ensuring your site complies with the Chapter 8 Standard. Superior Auto Cad design software is used that ensures fast approval from local authorities.

Engaging Richard Nolan CE should not be a question of whether you can afford it but whether you can afford NOT to. Good traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control ensures that the public and your staff are safe. It doesn’t matter whether you are hauling cables or laying DBM, Richard Nolan CE manages anything that is considered a risk.

Richard Nolan CE offers you:

• Traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control responsibility to a business with proven experience
• Receive a 2 hour response time (from time of call-out) for emergencies – track record shows response well within this KPI
• Receive 24 hour, 365 days a year on call service
• Guaranteed reliability, thanks to modern vehicle fleets and equipment
• Experienced and qualified staff.
• Traffic controllers hold State specific traffic certifications (tickets)
• Traffic controllers hold OH&S / Construction cards
• Team leaders for all major projects
• Transparent invoicing and charges – no hidden costs
• Direct and total provider service and avoid cost escalation through on-charging

Services Provided:

What is it?

Traffic management encompasses the traffic planning and traffic control of all regulatory equipment and qualified personnel involved with the provision of a professional traffic management service, such as:
• Traffic management equipment hire
• Traffic management planning
• Traffic management traffic control and labour hire
• Traffic management risk assessment and consulting.

Traffic management and traffic control is the safe movement of motorists and pedestrians around worksites using, temporary traffic signage, delineators, arrow boards and accredited traffic controllers.

Who needs it?

Traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control is required by any business planning to operate on or near roads or pedestrian access ways.

Richard Nolan CE is a specialist in traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control to reduce risk to the public, our clients and other stakeholders. A responsible contractor will recognise the value of engaging the services of an industry leader like Richard Nolan CE to safely manage the risk.

Poor traffic management and traffic control can result in fatalities on site with recent judgments in the courts awarding hefty punitive damages for incorrect signage and control systems. This has come about by businesses not experienced in traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control failing to comply with the most basic of standards and codes. The more complex sites in high profile areas and on busy arterial roads need even greater attention to detail to reduce the risk to your business.

Traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control will more than likely be required in the following industries:
• utility supply or servicing (including water, gas, sewer and telecommunications)
• road, parks or building maintenance
• communications
• underground boring
• rail installation and maintenance
• asphalt and spray sealing
• line marking
• road authority
• councils
• public works agencies
• street festivals
• public events
• TV & film
• civil construction
• development
• general building contracting
• concrete pouring and pumping
• crane supply
• outdoor advertising installation
• environmental soil testing and hazardous waste removal
• pipeline contracting.

Traffic management plans (TMP) are an integral part in the delivery of traffic management and traffic control services. As traffic flow increases, so does congestion and therefore the likelihood of traffic accidents.

Councils and roads authorities require professionally prepared traffic management plans (TMP). These plans are normally required before the council or national road authority issue assessments and permits to work on the road (authorities across Ireland can vary in their requirements).

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering can help

RNCE designs and produces temporary traffic management plans (TMP) for 1-6 road level LASNTG-LANTRA Cetrified for your specific traffic management needs. These may be for a simple one-day, single-lane closure, or they could be as complicated as a multi-phase project which requires road closures and detours. RNCE’s traffic management plans (TMP) ensure safety and efficiency for you, your job site and the general public.

Traffic Management Planning services include:
• Pre-work audits evaluating risk before the job commences
• Traffic Management Plans (TMP) for temporary traffic control, in accordance with relevant state and national codes
• Expert traffic planning that utilises Auto Cad Software
• Submission of traffic management plans (TMP) for permit approval. These are submitted to various road authorities and councils
• Obtaining relevant assessment / approval to perform traffic management works.
Traffic Management Plans (TMP) should have:

Traffic management plans (TMP) are a critical tool to any traffic management site. It identifies key areas of concerns, distances, site specific information and more.

Traffic management plans should consist the following as a minimum:
• correct geometric layout of the site (showing traffic lanes, islands, medians, side roads, service roads, pedestrian operated signals, etc.)

Traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control are part of the process to working effectively on the road. The link to working legally on the road is the traffic control permit when required. Gone are the days when you can work in the street without a traffic control permit. Councils, National Roads authorities, HSA inspectors and An Garda Siochana will shut down jobs, issue Prohibition notices and levy fines against a contractor that does not hold a traffic control permit.

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering Ltd will handle all required traffic control permits with the relevant authorities as part of our total traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control service. RNCE has an extensive database of key relationships with councils and road owners / authorities which has taken years to establish.

Hoping you don’t get caught without the required traffic control permit while on site is tempting fate. Incidents of injury, vehicle accidents, fatalities and other damage in or around road work sites are rising. This means there has been a greater focus on safety by all relevant authorities. RNCE will ensure your site is safe with the required documentation so your business can carry out the works with piece of mind.

Traffic planning permit service includes:
• Attending pre-work meetings
• Submitting of specific traffic planning documentation
• Liaising and negotiating with contractors and road authorities
• Gaining traffic control permits to complete works
• Demonstrating applicable insurance documentation.