H&S Management System

It is fundamental to good management practice that RNCE meet all legal requirements and ensures that all practical steps are taken, as far as is reasonably practicable, to protect the Health and Safety of all employees at work and visitors to any RNCE workplace.

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering Ltd are delighted to be accredited to ISO45001:2018

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering Ltd aim to achieve zero accidents across all our workplaces and will ensure that systems for identifying, assessing, eliminating and controlling risks to which our employees, other persons may be exposed are established, implemented and adhered to at all times across all our works.

It is fundamental principle of sound environmental management that upon Project engagement Richard Nolan Civil Engineering Ltd initiates a robust and comprehensive review and assessment matched by management and control plans in respect of all relevant Site environmental, sustainability and waste management issues and performance. These measures and actions enable RNCE Ltd to identify key environmental aspects and impacts together with applicable relevant environmental legislation and regulations. The system is developed to a standard which is accredited to ISO 14001:2015 and is continuously maintained in accordance with RNCE’s documented Processes.


Significant environmental impacts are regularly reviewed, triggered by new business contracts, periods of business transition etc.  The result of which feeds into the business management program which lists time-bound tasks and responsibilities to ensure that RNCE meet it’s commitment to continual improvement, compliance with relevant environmental legislation and prevention of pollution.  Through regular monitoring and the assignment and review of environmental targets, environmental performance and improvement is assessed.

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering Ltd has based it’s reputation and forward development upon the consistent delivery of quality and service standards which in all respects enable the full execution and discharge of contractual obligations.

A strategy imperative to RNCE is to develop major ongoing business relationships within its industry which is done by continually striving to improve quality and service performance aimed at enhancing Client satisfaction, retention and trust.

RNCE are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and aim to complete all our projects correct first time, every time.

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering are a Corporate Member of the National Irish Safety Organisation.

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering are a regular contributor to the NISO Annual Safety Awards.

RNCE have achieved the following awards::

2012: Highly Commended

2013: Highly Commended

2014: Distinction

2018: RNCE have been awarded a Category 2 Safety Award. RNCE HSEQ Dept will collect the award at the Awards Presentation on the 12th October 2018 in the Great Southern Hotel in Killarney.

RNCE are committed to enter the NISO Awards again next year 2019.

Engineers Ireland

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering are a Corporate Member of Engineers Ireland

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering Safety Days were held in Jan 2019

Two busy days for the RNCE Directors and Safety Team spending valuable time with our workforce.

Dublin on the 14th meeting 195 workers.

Galway on the 16th meeting 40 workers.

A huge thank you to the RNCE Directors, Managers and members of the safety team who presented.

Thank you to John Ward and Francie Gordon from Farrans who also gave some very valuable feedback to our crews in Galway.

Team RNCE refocused for a busy 2019.

The days were another great success where a review of the years performance, led by RNCE Directors was given and also two fantastic external presentations were given by:

  1. Peter Gohery,  gave a fantastic insight into the life changing events following on from his workplace accident and how life can be dramatically alter in a split second.
  2. Alan Farrell, gave a very valuable insight into the important work done by Pieta House and valuable lessons on how to spot and deal with various mental health issues.