Richard Nolan Civil Engineering have been at the centre of the rejuvenation of the electricity network in the greater Dublin area in the last ten years. Building on our long history in the utility ducting sector we have been key to delivering schemes from LV overheads to 220kV transmission lines. In the past 5 years alone Richard Nolan Civil Engineering have completed ducting and cabling projects of over 100km. We have been part of the team constructing the East West interconnector 440KV. Delivery an output of 200 linear meters per day utilising specialist machinery. We have also constructed over 7Km of 220kV lines with bentonite installation.

Services Provided:

Richard Nolan Civil engineering are one of the main contractors involved in the continuing upgrade of the electricity network in Ireland. We provide trenching and ducting solutions for LV MV 38kv 110kv 220kv and 440kv projects. With an estimate of over 100 km of Trenching and ducting for HV cables completed in the last five years in the Dublin region alone and projects completed on a nationwide basis with the same commitment to safety excellence productivity and reliability.

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering possess the necessary skills and experience in the area of Cable Installation. Previous projects have seen the pulling of over a thousand Kilometres of LV MV HV cable as well as carrying out the PSCS role on major 38kv 110kv and  220kv cabling projects. With extensive resources and highly specialised equipment and trained staff Richard Nolan Civil Engineering can deliver a safe and cost effective cabling solution.

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering have been to the fore in the upgrade and maintenance of the electricity network in Ireland. As part of our role as PSCS on major cable and duct installation projects, skills have been developed and experience gained in cable jointing on cables of all sizes up to and including 220 KV. RICHARD NOLAN CIVIL ENG have the resources and capability to  offer a turnkey service to  the client including trenching and ducting with associated Cabling and jointing.

Richard Nolan Civil engineering contracted to ESB networks have completed an extensive range of substation upgrades, refurbishments and new build programmes. With a strong emphasis on safety systems and attention to the environment involved including the presence of live existing cables and subs. These upgrade programmes involved the removal of old  and installation of new subs, cable works etc.

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering have been provider of call out services for cable breakdowns and fault identification and repair within the electricity sector for many years. We provide a safe dependable assured and cost effective solution in times of emergency. Whether it’s a problem caused by adverse weather ,ageing cables or damage caused by any other situation. RICHARD NOLAN CIVIL ENG have crews on standby trained, highly skilled and experienced in dealing with faults on 10kv 38kv 110kv and 220kv cables, be they armoured, aluminium, oil or gas filled.

Richard Nolan Civil engineering have constructed joint bays for jointing of MV HV including 110kv 220kv and 440kv cables always with a high emphasis on a safe cost effective and timely delivery of quality infrastructure. Past projects have seen the construction of cast insitu and precast joint bays in all types of environments from farmland and parks to Airside, inner city streetscapes dual carriageway and single carriageway roads as well as densely serviced ESB stations.