Environmental Services

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering have provided environmental services to a range of clients in the last 10 years. Our large and highly trained workforce can respond to emergencies and provide environmental capabilities over a broad range of services. We possess an accredited environmental quality system ISO14001. Over the last number of years we have provided dedicated litter removal teams, gulley cleansing and main drainage cleansing, road sweeping and cleaning. Grass cutting and motorway maintenance. Our expertise over a number of disciplines allows us to provide integrated environmental capability with traffic management and civil construction  to suit our clients’ needs. We also have experience in dealing with contaminated soils and waste disposal. We are at all times committed to a cleaner environment and are very proud of our environmental record and the steps we take to make our environment a greener place.

Services Provided:

Richard Nolan Civil engineering offer a broad range of  road  sweeping  services. We offer a fleet of Road sweepers to wash and sweep pavements and carriageways. For the sweeping of main roads we have available the most modern and environmentally friendly sweepers, with a capability to recycle water and compact litter and other debris. This coupled with an  extensive Traffic Management fleet ( including  Impact protection vehicles)  allows Richard Nolan Civil Engineering to deliver the safest, most cost effective and efficient service. For Housing estates and industrial estates our sweepers can be accompanied by personnel on the ground using a brush to make sure we get to sweep where the truck can’t reach. For footpaths, inner city and urban streetscapes, shopping and pedestrian areas we can provide a miniature sweeper which fits on the pathway and offers an unobtrusive and quick solution to keep the place clean and pleasant and for even tighter areas we have the walk behind sweeper available, Just another part of our overall commitment to excellence in service, customer satisfaction and a cleaner environment.

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering offer a graffiti removal service to public bodies and private business. Cleaning building exteriors, concrete surfaces, bridges, tunnels, underpasses, stone surfaces, tiled surfaces footpaths and walls. We can provide the latest  up to date methods and technologies including sand blasting, power washing, paint matching, scrabbling and application of anti vandal and non graffiti friendly surfaces.

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering provide a comprehensive, thorough and highly effective Gully cleansing service. Our fleet of sweepers, vacuum tankers and gully suckers along with experienced and trained personnel can keep gullies open and clean to take surface water and prevent  flooding. If  our crews happen upon a blocked or damaged gully or surface water line, they have the equipment and experience to deal with and solve the problem. Whether it needs to be water jetted to remove a blockage, cctv surveyed to diagnose a problem, a new gully placed or pipe work renewed our crew will have all the above  along with a first class traffic management capability to provide the solution.

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering have long been a service provider in Grass cutting and maintenance of open spaces. Previous contracts include motorway maintenance  including grass cutting shrubbery and hedgerow maintenance. Our extensive traffic management capabilities are a very major element of this type of work.  In  suburban and rural settings we have extensive skills and years of experience in the mowing of green areas and recently have made additions to our fleet including state of the art hedge and verge cutting equipment.

Richard Nolan civil engineering are equipped and highly capable when it comes to the organised removal of litter from Motorways ,dual carriageways, urban ,rural and regional roads as well as urban street scapes, industrial estates and housing estates. Our attention to detail and well organised approach means a noticeably cleaner street, motorway or open space after we’ve been to your area.  Our crews have the most up to date equipment for this job including a high specification in terms of personal protective equipment and suitable health and safety training. Our ability to provide in excess of 100 litter personnel trained for works in trafficked areas allows us to offer large scale clean up capability.

Richard Nolan Civil engineering have been to the fore in dealing with severe weather conditions in recent years. With crews working safely and effectively in hazardous conditions and extremely cold temperatures to clear footpaths and carriageways of hard packed snow and ice.

Richard Nolan Civil engineering have decades of experience in the treating of roadways and motorways to prevent or mediate the effects of cold weather. The gritting of main and minor roads with grit, rock salt or a combination of both has been a feature of our work over the years. We have gritting machines for hire  and all types of loading capabilities.

Richard Nolan Civil engineering has provided response services to flooded areas in both coastal and inland areas. The fast mobilisation of large numbers of trained and competent crews as well as large amount of equipment and resources have made Richard Nolan Civil engineering very often the first point of call in case of emergency. Our huge stock of sand bags, pumps and other flood prevention  materials have made us a useful ally in the fight against rising water.

Richard Nolan Civil engineering are experienced and highly skilled  in  sewer repair. Main sewers by their nature are quite deep and need a controlled and safety conscious approach to any repairs. Richard Nolan civil engineering have been carrying out this work for local authorities and private businesses and householders.  We have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction over the years and are called upon to carry out sewer repair on an almost weekly basis.