Automated Trenching machines

Specialised trenching and ducting equipment


Over the many years that Richard Nolan Civil Engineering ltd have been carrying out constructing of trenching and ducting we have become accustomed to solving various engineering difficulties. These include


  • Excavating in rock
  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Bridge construction and modification
  • Excavating by mechanical chain


We currently operate a Tesmec 25T chain trencher. This specialist machine can excavate at high speed in various strata. Its efficient excavation methodology and its ability to minimise road damage have served us well in the construction of trenchwork over many kilometres. The machine itself can be fitted with various width chains to accomplish different trench widths. It also deposits the arisings in line to minimise road or site footprint and description. We also operator a number of rock cutting wheels for trenching in hard rock.

Our experienced staff can operate this specialist equipment to provide a seamless and high volume output for excavations in a safe and efficient manner.